About Us

Our Story

As an opportunity to lift others we shared favorite LDS Conference talks by texting links to friends and family.  All they had to do was click on the link and listen to a talk.  Before long, at the request of others, we were sending out 40 conference text links daily.  The response of gratitude and “I really needed this talk today” filled our phones.

We realized that there is an opportunity to lift others by providing quick access to conference talks.  Quick access helps to eliminate the procrastination of “I want to do this, but never did.”


We know that while driving around town there is always 15-30 minutes of time to listen.  Maybe it’s your peace and quiet time, music time or your favorite radio talk show.  However, might we suggest a “conference talk” link texted to your phone?  You decide how and when to listen, read or watch this talk. Everyone has good intentions right after conference to re-listen to conference again.  Most commonly is the excuse of “NO TIME”. Now we can provide at your fingertips the conference talks with a simple click.

What We Do

For $1.99 each month, we will text you a link to a conference talk every day.  Why the Fee? Providing Quick and Convenient Access is the service that requires website costs, mass texting costs and back office costs. It is a small nominal fee of $1.99 each month to cover costs going directly to your phone. All you do is click on the link and decide to either listen, watch or read.  Just think, for the price of a candy bar or a bottle of water, you could receive a Conference talk texted to you daily.


The Gospel provides many learning opportunities.  After each new conference it is good to categorize the talks to the various themes.  When conference has just finished, texted talk links will be sent out that fit in harmony with each other.  Although you get one link a day, each day will follow themes from various speakers.  However, this is not all.  We want to include past conference talks with the same theme.  You might also be interested in a theme such as “Last talk given prior to death”, or holiday themes around Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and so on.